Microsoft Office for your PC

Microsoft Office for your PC

Lesson 1: Microsoft Office for your PC

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I have had two massive heart emergency surgeries a year ago and haven’t been able to regain my strength as I was on my deathbed for several weeks. I am now just beginning to return to my normal energy level. It is a slow road, but a good one. It is great and I feel good, and trust her. It seems as though my feet want to do a little dance as I walk the wooden walk up to her office door. I will continue to accept her treatments and highly recommend her to all my friends and neighbors. Bless you Kathleen. Receiving treatment for: ~11 years 

Mary Ranc

After my first visit seeing Kathleen I already experienced great results. I was full of energy, slept better than ever before and my overall happiness in life had increased. My treatments helped me not on a physical level but on an emotional and mental level. I’m thankful that I was introduced to Acupuncture so that I could experience the wonderful health benefits it has to offer. Receiving treatment for: 5 months. 


When you go and get treated, its nice to breath a sigh of relief when you enter an office. We have made brave headway here in this office. Everyone adds to the atmosphere of healing. Kathleen knows what she is doing. She has done her homework. Kathleen continues her research, teaches, and shares her wisdom freely. Kathleen continues to amaze us. My husband had an open wound and our estimated time for healing was 3 months. She told us about a method to heal sores with sugar and the wound closed up in 2 weeks! To have taken wound care out of the equation, as a caregiver, was monumental! The mutual support among employees and students coupled with patient equals a healing synergetic relationship satisfying for all! Receiving treatment for: several months. 


The acupuncture has helped me in more ways then I know. I came to Kathleen and her staff for blood sugar issues. After my first treatment my blood sugar was in normal range. I never medicated and never will because of a near fatal reaction to prescription drugs. I know that Kathleen is using her God given talents to help people become and stay healthy. She has certainly helped me beyond my expectations to lead me down a healthy path! Many, many, many thanks! Receiving treatment: 1 year. 


Kathleen is wonderful. Her presence alone is super calming and centered and she is a a gifted healer. She has helped me to recover as a triathlete from lots of over training in which my body really suffered and was strained. Now I feel stronger and more skilled every day. Kathleen has certainly helped me reach my personal best every day. Receiving treatment: 3 visits


My hearing is already so much better that i will probably not have to make a return visit. This was my introduction to natural medicine. You did a lot of work. I was amazed at the fine results. It gave me complete confidence in your medical skills. This made me wonder about the majority of people who do not have a friend refer them to a practitioner of natural medicine. I think i am lucky that i came to you instead of going to a doctor of customary medicine.

Phone: (352) 379-4618
Gainesville, FL
802 A NW 23rd Ave